List usage Livejournal

List provided by Pixeldictions. Thank you, April.

Here is the list of sites that DO NOT allow their graphics to be used on LiveJournal or other social sites like Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Just because you speak a different language does not give you the right or an excuse not to Follow the terms of use by all graphic artists in this community.

Alska's Abode & IOP -
A Pixel In Time -
Baer Necessities -
Berliner Barin -
Crazy of Sigtags -
Designs By Marcy -
Disbme, Museni, any of Jessie or RaeRae's sites -
Donkadawn - Thumbprints -
Doodle Lines (all clubs for this site) -
Dragon Pixels -
Faery Dust Express -

Flutter Faerie Hollow - - Originals by FFH not allowed for usage, any other creators graphics found at for FFH in the members area may or may not be used according to the original creators terms of use.

Glennda's -
Happy Bee Pixels -
Inn of the 7th Fae -
Leo's Corner -
Lissy's Pixels -
Magickal Moon Cottage -
My Doodles -
MeYou Graphics -
Periwinkle Pixels -
Pixeldictions -
Pixeldictions Isles -
Light Pixels -
Lil Pixel Dreams -
Lil Pixie Haven -
My Imagination -
Oak Hollow Customs -
Pockets Place -
Rose Bon-Bon Creations -
Rose's Pixels -
Sharing Pixels -
Simply As Is Tubes & Lineart -
Sparkle Faery Dreams -
Tati Pixel -
The Faery Tale -
Tinsel Town Tubes -
Whimsical Beginnings -

Sites that DO allow usage on LJ

Candy Lane Pixels - - but please be aware that you may NOT use anything I make using lines  From the above sites in your creations for use on LJ.  Sorry, but I have to follow the rules of  the original creators.  I will do my best to make sure you always have goodies to play with :)
Andrea's Lil Pixels -
Anita's Pixels -
Ariel's Light -
Candy Coated Pixels -
Candy Lane Pixels ** -
Chatterbugs -
Completement Blinkies -
Creative Inventionz =
DebKerri Designs -
Dee's Designs -
Designz By Angela - ONLY yes if the lines were MADE by DBA -
Doodle Bug Pixels -
Faded Angels -
Fairy Cats Pixels -
Fancy Cricket -
Graceful Graphics -
Iddy Pixels -
Juni Sweet Corner -
Lavande Design -
Lili Mandarine -
Lil Pixel Paws -
Lovable Pixels -
Mimi Mouse -
Nancy Pixel -
Odd Pixels -
Pixel Street -
Pixels by Kylie -
Sacred Pixelated** -   
Sacred Pixelated Passion** -
Serenity Pixels -
Shopopixels -
Starlight Pixels -
Simply Shantastic -
Sabrina's Pixels -
Sannes Pixels -
Sarah's Pixel World -
Sparkling Dream -
Tallie's Corner -
Teddysland -
Trisha's Treasures -
The Crimson Mist -